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Overseas Shipping

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90 Seconds on Transporting Your Machinery!

Our service will get your products transported efficiently, quickly, safely, and professionally at a reasonable price. Contact us today!

Domestic Trucking

Domestic Trucking

Overseas Shipping

Overseas Shipping

Oversized, Heavy Haul

Oversized, Heavy Haul

Accessorial Services

Accessorial Services
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Reliable Machinery Transport of Dublin, CA is a 35+ year veteran-owned business that provides customers with a full service transportation solution which can be custom tailored around the specific needs of your cargo or project. We handle all types of industrial machinery and construction equipment to destinations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, & all serviceable sea ports around the globe. This includes Standard & Specialized Goods, ie: Flatbed, Heavy Haul& Project Cargo for the Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Gas & Oil, Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing, & Related industries. Our Expert Logistics & Dispatch planners have over 100 yrs.combined experience & will manage your shipment from start to finish. We will get the job done right the first time, you can absolutely count on us!

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"SUPER Easy, SUPER fast, SUPER price!! Can't beat them!! Very happy overall!!" - Luis V.

machine transportation
specialized trucking

We are always available by phone 24/7.


925-361-5594 FAX

Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Paul @ Ext. 1
Frank @ Ext. 2
Leo @ Ext. 3
Patti @ Ext. 4
Brad @ Ext. 5

What services do you provide?


Located here in Charleston, SC, we’re the world’s premier provider of machine transportation. Reliable Machinery Transport will satisfy your specific needs for any transportation destination. You won’t find anyone who can do a more professional job for a lower price. We guarantee it and our customers can support us on that statement.


For over 35 years, Reliable Machinery Transport has been servicing your equipment transportation. We know that your machinery is a huge investment in fulfilling other purposes, so we do everything we can to ensure it arrives at its destination safely and quickly. For three decades, we’ve been the go-to choice for machine transportation across the globe. No matter where you’re located, and no matter what type of equipment you need, we will deliver your equipment in a timely manner, as we have formed relationships with over 9,500 carriers! There’s not an easier or more convenient way to have your machinery taken care of! We offer a variety of services including specialized domestic trucking, overseas shipping, dismantling, containerization, transloading, power washing, inspections, repair services, US customs clearance, and crane and rigging services. Any machine transportation request can be custom tailored around your specific needs! Additionally, we will utilize specialized equipment where available, including FCL & LCL container, RORO, and flat rack. 

Our team has, combined, over 100 years of experience in machine transportation. By taking a glance at our customer testimonials up above, you will see that Reliable Machinery Transport holds a strong reputation in the machine transportation business. We have received multiple 5 star reviews for our quick, reasonably priced, and simple services. Our team is highly professional, courteous, and helpful, and will get your machinery transported from start to finish. The one desirable quality that allows Reliable Machinery Transport to stand out above other machine transportation companies is our communication. A member of our team will keep you updated and informed on your machinery's transportation progress. We are always available and willing to answer any questions you may have along the way. Choosing Reliable Machinery Transport will ensure your shipment gets done right the first time, so don't wait, call now!


When you give us a call, you will be connected directly to our owner, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.


Discover how the veteran-owned business of Reliable Machinery Transport can help fulfill all of your machine transportation needs. 

Tell me more about your company.

Reliable Machinery Transport is a professional, veteran-owned, full-service transportation service. Based here in Charleston, we deliver your industrial machinery and construction equipment, and more, to destinations across the US, Canada, Mexico, and all over the globe. No other transportation company can provide the same level of professionalism, personal attention, and care that we can!


Reliable Machinery Transport is your domestic and overseas delivery solution. With over 35 years of experience, our logistics team will manage your shipment from start to finish. We’ve got the equipment and know-how to get your equipment from point A to point B efficiently, safely, and in perfect condition. We haul both standard and specialized goods, like your flatbed, heavy haul, and cargo for the construction, agricultural, mining, gas and oil, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and related industries. We custom tailor our services to meet your specific needs, no matter the nature of your project or your cargo. Even your over-sized trucking loads will get to their destination safely and on time! Your equipment and machinery are in great hands when you choose to work with us here at Reliable Machinery Transport.


When you give us a call, you will be connected directly to our owner, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.


So don’t wait. Call now!

Are there restrictions on what type of machinery can be transported?


No! Machinery of any size, shape, and weight can be transported to and from any destination all across the globe. 


What are your hours of operation?

Reliable Machinery Transport is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm and closed on the weekends.

If I need my machinery transported, how should I contact you?


Reliable Machinery Transport is available by phone 24/7 or you can use our contact form on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Why should I choose Reliable Machinery Transport?


RELIABLE has relationships with over 9500 carriers so no matter what equipment you need, where or when you need it, we can get your load moved quickly. Even during your busy season, or whenever demand for trucks is tight, RELIABLE can supply the equipment you need and source it locally for quicker availability.

Engaging RELIABLE is like hiring your own personal freight manager, letting you concentrate on the core aspects of your business. Let RELIABLE manage the carriers, ensure authority and insurance limits, schedule pick ups and deliveries, prepare Bills of Lading, track your orders, and resolve any issues that may arise along the way.

By having RELIABLE move your shipments, you will able to leverage the shipment volume of our existing customers into lower costs than you could get by yourself. We also source trucks as close to pick up as possible, minimizing deadhead miles, positioning time, and the associated charges. Some carriers have better rates than others into and out of certain geographic regions. Some are cheaper for short hauls, others for long distance. So don’t tie yourself to one carrier and let RELIABLE find the best possible solution for you for each individual shipment and destination.

We are a small, veteran-owned business. No far-flung bureaucracy to get passed around. No separate departments for sales and claims. You will work with just a single point of contact, an experienced transportation professional, personally invested in your shipping success and personally accountable to you as our client. Besides the combined 110 years of experience of our brokers, our good name is our most important asset so we make sure to act responsibly with honesty and respect towards our clients and carriers.

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